Tenure track position Université de Perpignan Via Domi-a/CNRS

By Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parasitologie


Februar 14, 2022

Laboratoire Interac-ons-Hôtes-Pathogènes-Environnements

5 years Tenure track posi-on – Deadline April 4, 2022

Tropical diseases of today, European diseases of tomorrow: a

systems biology approach to understand, predict and control
emergence of infections.

Chairholder is expected to conduct independent research and to advance the fron-ers of knowledge in the field of emerging infec:ous diseases and use the concepts of systems biology as a guide to iden-fy interac-ng partners, the strength of host-pathogen-environment interac-ons and their temporal dynamics. This will be done not only through their own work, but also by teaching and supervising students and by coordina-ng their work with other researchers at IHPE ( http://ihpe.univ-perp.fr ).

Among the crucial consequences of current global changes, the increased frequency of emergence or re-emergence of infec-ous diseases is probably the most worrying (e.g. endemic schistosomiasis in France since 2014). Advanced knowledge of socio-ecosystems is needed to be_er characterize transmission hotspots and refine programs to control established foci of infec-ous diseases. However, this remains a major challenge because the evolu-on and transmission dynamics of pathogens is a complex process that depends on the interac-on between pathogens, their hosts or vectors and bio-c, abio-c, socio-economic and ecological factors. In the past, research in this area was largely descrip-ve. Based on recent advances in predic-ve ecology, the chairholder will be required to integrate mul–scale data into conceptual models and test them through mesocosm experiments, the results of which will feed the model, in collabora-on with mathema-cians to develop predic-ve models to be validated by field observa-ons. Such an approach will help iden-fy effec-ve measures, considering social, economic, and ecological factors.

The chair will teach 42 face-to-face hours in the University of Perpignan biology department, in two Master curricula (i) Master „Integrated biology: popula-on molecules and sustainable development“ and (ii) „Interna-onal Master of Func-onal Biology & Ecology“ in which the classes will be given en-rely in English. The candidate is invited to eventually create the „Perpignan School of Systems Biology in Parasitology“ to complete the exis-ng training offer and offer transdisciplinary training to health professionals including in endemic regions, especially in Africa and Brazil, building on exis-ng links between the IHPE and South America and Western Africa.

Minimum monthly net salary 2800 €. Bench fee and salary for 1 PostDoc and 2 PhD students provided. Documented experience in publica-on, grant wri-ng and supervision of staff and/or students required. Previous experience in any of these fields appreciated: integra-ve and systems biology, invasion biology, host-pathogen interac-ons, model development, and/or emerging infec-ve diseases appreciated. Excellent English communica-on skills. French language not essen-al, if necessary, the chairholder will progressively receive training in this skill. For more informa-on: contact christoph.grunau@univ-perp.fr

www: ihpe.univ-perp.fr
tel : +33 (0) 4 68 66 21 85

UMR 5244 – Université de Perpignan Via Domi-a/CNRS
52 avenue Paul Alduy
66860 Perpignan Cedex 9 


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